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Feng shui traditional knowledge and all its guidelines are based on these five feng shui elements. Therefore, when wishing to harmonize a place according to feng shui, these elements must be properly employed according to their characteristics and effects.One first feng shui element is wood, which has the Chinese name of Mu. Wood represents innovation, creativity and birth, and it is a sociable element. This element corresponds to the color green and the east direction. By placing this element at a strategic spot in any space, you would be adding all of which it represents.

A strong, stable core can help to prevent injuries because with stronger muscles supporting the spine, pelvis, and shoulder joints new balance womens shoes it can better handle the forces of rotation and compression that lead to back and joint injuries.The bodys joints are like links in a chain and are surrounded and supported by muscles and tendons. If any of these supporting structures are weak others are called upon to compensate for this weakness. Because they were not designed for this purpose they can become injured over time by the repetitive wear and tear. For example, if I was hitting a golf ball and my low back was weak and inflexible I would Изображение probably overcompensate by muscling through the shot with my shoulders.

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